MIT CSAIL Robotics Video

When Peter Florence, Lucas Manuelli, Russ Tedrake needed a video of their research at MIT’s CSAIL lab they tapped me to create it. This video has been featured on MIT’s youtube channel and their home page.

This was created as a one-man-band. I did all the video, audio, editing, and color correction.

Having robots learn dexterous tasks requiring real-time hand-eye coordination is hard. Many tasks that we would consider simple, like hanging up a baseball cap on a rack, would be very challenging for most robot software.

What’s more, for a robot to learn each new task, it typically takes significant amounts of engineering time to program the robot. Pete Florence and Lucas Manuelli in the Robot Locomotion Group took a step closer to that goal with their work.

Their paper will be presented at International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) in May in Paris.

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